The excecutive Presence

Your personality plays the primary role when leading. The better you know yourself, the better you lead yourself, your team, your corporation.

As a leader, you regularly address an audience, direct a team, talk to a stakeholder or a client. Unconsciously your listener’s attention focuses seventy percent on the sound and resonance of the speaker’s voice and the condition of the body and thirty percent on the content.

Regardless of what is said, voice and body reveal the most important leadership qualities. Within seconds, listeners recognize, if their leader is grounded, upright and concentrated, meaning solid as a rock in the wild sea. In the way you move, in your gestures, they can read if you are well oriented and decisive. In the overall appearance of your personality they can sense if your are self-aware and honest and if they can trust you. And last but not least the power of your message depends on your charismatic presence.

How to find solutions - Know why versus know how

The complexity of the business world is steadily increasing. Instead of skipping to answers, future leaders have the courage to ask a question first. Once a question is well-formulated, the team is empowered to find an adequate solution. Leading with questions becomes the essential part of their leadership repertoire.

Additional trainings


The Montalta Leadership Compass

  • Personal executive coaching (life and online)
  • Teamcoaching
  • Seminars
  • Lecturing
  • Customized training upon a needs-based assessment


Jürg [Yurik] Montalta

Originally trained as an actor and theater director, he has been teaching and directing people from all walks of life for over forty- five years. His approach is based on a variety of techniques from the Performing Arts, many years of working with troubled youth in the underprivileged neighborhoods of the United States and a lifelong personal centering practice.

Executive Coach & Lecturer

Jürg [Yurik] Montalta has decades of experience teaching leadership programs for MBA candidates at universities and senior management / CEO levels at national and global corporations. The list includes: Compass Group; Bertelsmann Foundation; Vivantes–Network for Health; Klueh, Multiservices; Alexianer GmbH; Ferdinand-Freiligrath-Schule (funded by Robert Bosch Foundation); as well as the University of Bern, Switzerland; and in Germany: University of Music and Theatre, Munich; University of Applied Sciences, Bochum; City University of Applied Science, Bremen.

In Germany Yurik developed his exclusive approach, The Montalta Leadership-Compass. This method is based on training and coaching hundreds of employees and executives over the last twenty-five years in multiple international companies and educational institutions.

Stage Director

His leadership experience includes co-founding and co-directing a school for emotionally disturbed adolescents in San Francisco, CEO of a prominent theater school in Switzerland, and many years as a theater director. One of his award-winning stage productions was “Paradise 2” directing seven thousand mining workers as part of a state funded art project in East Germany, including storytelling, singing, theatre and vocal development.